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Local COVID-19 helpline numbers: Marshfield Clinic Health Systems: 1-877-998-0880; Aspirus: 1-844-568-0701

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Six peels for $285...normally $330!

What are facial peels? Chemical facial peels help to resurface skins texture and appearance. It helps to reduce the appearance of premature aging, dark spots and acne scars. It aids in brightening dull skin and also helps to rejuvenate skin.

People with sensitive skin should NOT do chemical peels. Please call Katelyn 715-384-8000 with any questions or concerns before scheduling your appointment.

*Peels need to be done every 6-8 weeks for max results.

The “Girls at Merle” are fully dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. The “It’s You” motto recognizes that we have something that every woman can enjoy for every lifestyle. Whether it’s an outfit, spa service, or cosmetic makeover, we want you to have a personalized experience that leaves you feeling fresh and empowered.

We believe that you are not just a sale or an appointment, but rather a part of our extended family. At Merle Norman and the Day Spa Boutique, it's not just about dressing up and looking glamorous - rather, it's about taking care of yourself and getting the “you” time that all women deserve.

Local Reviews:

Ann Dieringer - It is amazing what great makeup and beauty products can do for your skin! All the staff at Merle Norman are fantastic, so very welcoming every time you walk in the door! I highly recommend Merle Norman to everyone!

Judy Wurl - Love it there!

Michelle Firnstahl - You do the best facials!

Lynne Lair McDonald - Only place to shop and get pampered!